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solution for industrial printing service

How simple and modular is your output management software ?

JefEdit industrial printing suite developed to provide :

  • modularity for composition, printing, conversion and spooling
  • versatility, supporting multi-brands, multi-devices, multi-technologies
  • Broad conversion capability
  • Ease of use and Wysiwyg designs
  • Multi-lingual, multi-alphabets
  • Extensive Reprint capabilities
  • Monochrome and colour
  • Affordability

Do you control the integrity and integrality of your production printing?

camera security printing

JefControl, camera control software and hardware platform:
When printing is so fast, you need a solution to control print-outs, cut-marks, and ensure full audit trails.

  • High speed data matching between file input and print
  • Dynamic controls correlating multiple pages and multiple print zones
  • Operator signals with light or sound
  • Hard stop of the device conditional on severity of error
  • Data recognition for fonts, images, bar codes and texts
  • Quality control
  • Full traceability
  • Adaptable to various printer brands and models
  • Fully adapted to Nipson Hardware
  • Interfaces with JefEdit

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