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Nipson Digilex & PSI 4060 MICR


If you are looking for:

  • Printing quality,

  • Security of printed documents,

  • Productivity without mistakes, limited paper waste and time optimisation




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PSI 4060 MICR & JefEdit

Media printing solution

A wide range of complex media printing

  • From thin to heavy paper (40 to 300 gsm) at 15 to 300 m/mn – from pharmaceutical notices to thick packaging cardboards thanks to Magnetography
  • High volume printer, label printer, bank check printer and specific applications to print vignettes, stamps, plastic cards, badges etc..
  • Different substrates, including plastic, metal foils, thermal paper, bulky cellulose and more
  • Documents stored and used under extreme environment conditions – very hot or freezing temperatures, high humidity.

Guaranteed Productivity

  • Relieving color press workloads for black and white jobs on competitive digital press
  • Manage reprints and restart situations with continuous printing
  • Apply to right solution to print volumes from 25 K to millions of feet per month
  • Adding variable data on offset quality prints for any security document without mistakes thanks to control solutions
  • Replacing and upgrading “heritage” matrix devices
Guaranteed Productivity
2J International security printing

Solutions to secure your printed documents

  • Unique MICR toner ideal to print security documents, bank letters, payment vouchers as well as printing checks
  • Non erasable optional MICR fluorescent toner
  • Versatile micro-texts printer and 2D-bar codes printer, error free for exact readable documents
  • Printing on holograms and guilloche, as well as any security document without deterioration to the substrate
  • High speed control without human intervention with JefControl solution
  • JefEdit software suite to compose and produce secure and variable data

Investment protection

  • Integrate a black and white continuous device into an offset line with a unique adjustable speed feature (70 to 300 m/mn) adapting to the speed of the line
  • Adapted to most pre/post production equipment already in place
  • Unique variable speed feature reduces paper waste at start and end of print jobs
  • Black and white variable data printed onto color forms
  • Black darkness with low coverage
Investment protection

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Software solutions

How simple and modular is your output management software ?

JefEdit industrial printing suite developed to provide :

  • modularity for composition, printing, conversion and spooling
  • versatility, supporting multi-brands, multi-devices, multi-technologies
  • Broad conversion capability
  • Ease of use and Wysiwyg designs
  • Multi-lingual, multi-alphabets
  • Extensive Reprint capabilities
  • Monochrome and colour
  • Affordability

Do you control the integrity and integrality of your production printing?

camera security printing

JefControl, camera control software and hardware platform:
When printing is so fast, you need a solution to control print-outs, cut-marks, and ensure full audit trails.

  • High speed data matching between file input and print
  • Dynamic controls correlating multiple pages and multiple print zones
  • Operator signals with light or sound
  • Hard stop of the device conditional on severity of error
  • Data recognition for fonts, images, bar codes and texts
  • Quality control
  • Full traceability
  • Adaptable to various printer brands and models
  • Fully adapted to Nipson Hardware
  • Interfaces with JefEdit

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Services anywhere

We operate all over the world

In France (click to access french website)
We have a strong presence in France where our head office is located. We serve more than 37 customers who utilize our solutions - our team of skilled and dedicated technicians operate on customer sites daily. Our logistic capabilities allow us to provide parts and consumables on time.

Worldwide (click to access map our local partners)
We are present internationally either directly or thru a network of local partners and agents. We are able to support your projects with our software and hardware engineers, our strong logistics capabilities and remote management tools.

Our services include :

  • Installation and 2nd level support
  • Parts only solutions
  • Training for operators and technical support personnel
  • Software training:

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