Industrial printing production control

solution for industrial printing serviceTHE OJECTIVE:

A print control usually involves a human eye and therefore a manual operation associated with a cost per hour coupled with a loss of time that the operator could use to perform other tasks. Moreover, who says human intervention says rate of error and therefore potentially a reprint and associated costs like ink, paper … and especially the regular stop of the print line. Customer requirements in terms of quality and responsiveness no longer allow this type of operation today.



The presence of a control system on your printing lines secures your work and greatly improves your productivity and competitiveness.

The linear cameras coupled to a PC  acquire high resolution images up to a few hundred meters per minute. Through basic control over areas of interest such as 2D code (datamatrix, QR code …) or barcode, text or logo, positioning of fields, cutting marks for shaping …, the integrity of your documents is secured. A control system can also interface with your print server to ensure production monitoring and thus guarantee the completeness of your print jobs. Each verification configuration including the definition of zones and actions to be performed is saved as a control job that will be selected manually or automatically.

You do not have to be an IT specialist or have an IT specialist to set up a camera system. On the operator side, it is important to have a user-friendly interface accessible via a touch screen to simply manage the control jobs.

Stopping the print line with the involved question marks is no longer necessary since the operator can check and adjust the printing in real time. It is important for the system to communicate with the printer and / or the print server so that the line can be stopped in the event of a printing anomaly or signaled to the operator through a light signal or sound. This feature maximizes the productivity and profitability of the print line by avoiding potentially expensive paper waste and reprints.

Essential tool for automated production, a camera system brings you a real added value and guarantees a level of quality to your customers while being responsive to their requests.



JefControl is a software and hardware package that can adapt to roll to roll printers, sheet-fed printers, interface with the original file data for RGPD compatibility so it does not create additional archives, integrate into your IT tool and adapt to your control requirements without generating additional costs compared to traditional integration costs.

With 18 years of experience in this field, including the control of secure data, we consider ourselves as an expert.

We can assure you zero mistakes and total traceability.



Xavier Briols, pre-sales engineer print control systems.


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